Techno Support


The Provincial Agriculturist Office (PAO), in coordination with the Department of Agriculture and the local government units, pursued programs/projects/activities involving crop production, soil and water resource conservation and management, rural organization development, fisheries development and research. Nearly 80 per cent of the total personnel complement of the PAO have technical background on agriculture and are directly involved in the programs of the office. Apart from implementing agricultural programs of the province, the technical staff of the PAO assists the various municipalities in the execution of their respective local agricultural programs. Implementation of the Rural Organization Development Program is also being pursued aimed at establishing and strengthening farmer’s organizations through technical assistance and capability-building programs.

To disseminate the pest control technology, the PAO is continuously conducting 30 Farmer Field Schools on Integrated Pest Management in which a total of 1,500 farmers from various municipalities/cities of the province have benefited from the program that includes both training and field demonstrations.