Fresh Water


Negros Oriental is blessed with an abundance of water sources. It has 8,217 hectares of watershed areas.

Rivers, Creeks and Springs

Fresh water in Negros Oriental gushes out of more than a hundred springs and flows through at least 86 rivers and 16 creeks. Siaton river, one of the largest rivers in the province, discharges about 3,000 liters per second.



Hidden in the hinterlands of the province are several lakes. The most famous are the twin lakes called Balinsasayao and Danao nestled in the mountains of Sibulan. These are now being further developed as tourist attractions. Balinsasayao, with a shore distance of approximately 1,250 meters and the widest part at about 900 meters, is bigger than Danao.


While one can discover a number of waterfalls in Negros Oriental, only few have actually been properly identified and harnessed for their tourism potential. One such cataract is the Casiroro Falls in the interior town of Valencia.

Underground Steam

Steam from beneath vast watershed areas has enabled Negros Oriental to be a major producer of geothermal power in the Philippines. These geothermal fields are located in the municipality of Valencia. The Energy Development Corporation of the Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC-EDC) started developing these geothermal fields in the late seventies, which supply the natural pressurized steam to run the state-owned power plants.



Water-Natural Resources